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Intergenerational Programs

In the world before cell phones, computers, and easy, unlimited access to all parts of the world, multiple generations of family members played instrumental roles in the development of children, and, in the support of aging relatives. Today, in much of the world and especially in developed countries such as the United States, we have […]

Living a Heart-Healthy Life-Style

February is “American Heart Month”!!! Considering that heart disease is the number one killer in this country, we might consider making every month American Heart Month. However, what we realistically should glean from this month is how best to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. To that end, this week’s message is focused on some ways to […]

Caregivers as Patients

Caring for a family member is associated with well-documented impacts on emotional, mental, and physical health. Most caregivers do not actively seek respite care, even when they acknowledge that it’s needed, and many do not know where to obtain it.  The key is getting respite care.  A referral for home care-giving services can positively impact […]

Caring For Those Who Resist Care

It is not unusual for those in the medical profession to come face-to-face with a patient who refuses treatment. At that point, most medical professionals (especially the nursing staff) work to obtain “informed consent” prior to any medical procedures being preformed.  However, in homecare, the life of the care recipient (patient) is not hanging in […]