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Edlerly Nutrition – Is Your Aging Loved One At Risk For Malnutrition?

We are what we eat, right? Good nutrition is beneficial at any age, but in particular for our aging loved ones the benefits worth noting are increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness/disease, higher energy levels, a more robust immune system, faster recuperation times and better management of chronic health problems. Unfortunately, one thing I have […]


We are all aware, some more painfully than others, of certain “isms.” Sexism, for example, is focused on biased opinions or discrimination based on one’s gender. Racism is discrimination against a person based on skin color.    


Without memories, we have no “life.” Our pasts make our present and lead our futures. Consider how frustrating it is to attempt to recall a name of someone you just met, or try to pull-up that memory of the fun game you played as a child, or develop that picture of a relative you haven’t […]

Dealing With Arthritis

For those of us who have played some form of sport(s) during their lifetime, joint pain is a way of life. For many others, the pain that they may be feeling in their joints may not be from arthritis, but is nonetheless a way of life. The point is that regardless of the cause, arthritis […]