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Visiting Angels – Not Just For The Elderly

One of our clients wrote us this wonderful testimonial.  The Visiting Angels home caregiver agency provides services to the elderly, and in my case, the not-so-elderly.

Tai Chi and Yoga for Seniors

Knowing how to fuel your body’s furnace is a great beginning to being healthy. However, without exercise, the rate of metabolism, especially as it relates to those bad things we tend to load up on (chips, sugars, etc.), will never stay ahead of the food we do eat, and thus we will always lose the […]

Home Care Helps With Simple Daily Chores

All of the chores and tasks that are necessary to run a household are difficult enough for a young person in good health, but when someone’s health is compromised, or if they are elderly and experiencing physical or even mental limitations, it is very hard to keep up with simple daily chores.  Hiring home care […]

Seattle Parkinson’s Wellness Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the Parkinson’s Foundation Wellness and Parkinson’s Conference this weekend.  And I came away humbled, and educated.  Allow me to explain . . .