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How To Save Money On Senior Care

With America’s population aging, billions of dollars are spent each year on senior care expenses. But with economic worries affecting many families during this tax season, cutting costs has become more important than ever. With a little creativity, seniors and their families can save a substantial amount of money.

State Gets Tough On Referrals For Elder Care

According to the Seattle Times newspaper, Washington will become the first state to clamp down on the unregulated, explosive growth of elder-care referral businesses that rake in profits, sometimes deceptively, by promising to help families find long-term care for the aged.

Music Therapy For Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive illness that works to deteriorate the brain cells.  There is no cure.  And, as the brain cells cease to function as they once did, many changes may take place with the patient.  For example, changes in memory, judgment, behaviors (increased aggression, agitation, etc.), and sleep may be affected.  So […]

Hearing Loss – Ear Problem or Not?

Approximately one-third of folks in this country between the ages of 65 and 74 have some level of hearing loss. Is this due to an ear problem like Presbycusis, Tinnitus, or blockage?  Or is it just part of normal brain aging, and not the ear?