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Contrary to what Sally Field suggests in her television commercial for the medication Boniva, osteoporosis is not so easily managed as taking a simple pill … [even though we can all rest assured that the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Boniva is only having Ms. Field peddle their wares to inform the public of the ravages […]

How To Choose Between Adult Day Care And Home Senior Care

Many times caregivers need to have additional assistance when providing senior care for a family member or friend.  When you are evaluating options for senior care, consider the difference between Adult Day Care Centers and Home Senior Care.  Each provides a specific service and environment in senior care alternatives.  This article will help you make […]

Suspend & Repeal I-1029

You may have read or heard about the editorial in the Seattle Times on Sunday concerning suspending the health-training initiative, Initiative 1029, which was passed by the voters in 2008. Since the Seattle Times is now calling for its suspension and repeal, you may have been wondering if Visiting Angels agrees with the editorial.

How Important Is Socialization?

The long barren hallways of a nursing home, ten or twenty wheelchair bound frail seniors, heads slumped down, never looking up at the scurrying nurses rushing by to handle one emergency after another – the picture is indelibly written on our minds. This is not socialization – it is isolationism.