Aging In Place

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THERE  is no greater asset than our customers, clients, family members and associates.  When we consciously invest time and thought into what matters to these various communities, we truly create enlivened, long-lasting and fruitful relationships.  It’s with this intention to support our diverse communities that Visiting Angels of Kirkland is so pleased to announce two new […]

Affordable Care Act: What is it designed to do?

As we are aware, a major goal of the Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) signed into law on March 23, 2010, is to put consumers back in charge of their health care and to correct some of the egregious practices of insurance companies (i.e., terminating health plans of patients that are currently ill), especially […]

Starry skies, scary times: Sundowner’s Syndrome effects elderly, dementia sufferers

It is that glorious time of year when the days stretch long, with bright sun. There are lazy days filled with picnics and pool time, lemonade stands and lazy afternoons on the hammock. But, if the elderly loved one in your care suffers from a disorder known as “Sundowner’s Syndrome,” the calming splash of sunlit […]

Car talk: Pass time on your vacation with sharing grandparent, grandchild conversation tips

Last week, we shared some tips on planning your summer vacation with an elderly loved one in tow, from room arrangements and car considerations to planning pace and hotel handiness. So, have you hit the road yet? Whether you’re rambling down the road or still getting plans in place, chances are there are some miles […]