Elder Law

Affordable Care Act: What is it designed to do?

As we are aware, a major goal of the Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) signed into law on March 23, 2010, is to put consumers back in charge of their health care and to correct some of the egregious practices of insurance companies (i.e., terminating health plans of patients that are currently ill), especially […]

Watchful stance: What you need to know about setting up guardianship for your loved one

Since your elderly loved one has taken up residence in your home, you’ve likely had to make a large number of decisions to safeguard their well-being—from medication dispensing and bathroom safety, to driving privileges and changes in their diet. But what if, more recently, your loved one is showing a decidedly decreased aptitude to make critical decisions […]

Get the most out of the government for your elderly loved one: Programs, tips, lessen your burden, expand benefits

If you’ve turned on a TV, flipped open a newspaper or even loaded a website lately, you know that politics are big right now. But are you taking full advantage of the services, benefits, and help the government can provide to you and your elderly loved one? You may not be, if you’re not aware of all […]

Balancing your 9-5 with the loved one under your guise

Believe it or not, statistics indicate that, by 2020, as many as one in three adults will have an elderly parent or relative living in their care, a slight uptick from the current figure that estimates one in four employees are already in this situation. While understanding that you’re not the only employee in your […]