Car talk: Pass time on your vacation with sharing grandparent, grandchild conversation tips

Last week, we shared some tips on planning your summer vacation with an elderly loved one in tow, from room arrangements and car considerations to planning pace and hotel handiness. So, have you hit the road yet? Whether you’re rambling down the road or still getting plans in place, chances are there are some miles […]

Preserve Family Memories with Recipes

When Kathy Paul heard all the laughter coming from her kitchen during the Paul Family Reunion in the summer of 2007, she knew compiling a family cookbook was the perfect way to record joyful moments such as this. “As they were preparing their dishes, my nieces were laughing and having such a good time remembering […]

He’s aging and mad—but he’s your dad: How to deal with unhappy elders in your care

You’ve just gotten home from a long day of work, and you pull out a box of spaghetti to make dinner. “You know I hate spaghetti,” a grumbling voice says from the living room. But it’s not your mercurial teenager, nor your equally tired spouse. The voice is coming from your elderly father, who is […]

No more excuses: Get your elderly loved one up and groovin’

Recently, we spoke on some of the dangers associated with obesity in the elderly, and even pointed out a few videos to get your senior-aged loved one back into activity with simple chair exercises. But this week we want to highlight the importance of exercise for all senior citizens, regardless of their weight. The numerous […]