Get the most out of the government for your elderly loved one: Programs, tips, lessen your burden, expand benefits

If you’ve turned on a TV, flipped open a newspaper or even loaded a website lately, you know that politics are big right now. But are you taking full advantage of the services, benefits, and help the government can provide to you and your elderly loved one? You may not be, if you’re not aware of all […]

Entice your senior-aged loved one to take laps in the fountain of youth with water aerobics

If you’ve been staying tuned these past few weeks, you’ve probably been keeping pace with our routine of regular information on the benefits of exercise, both physical and mental. We’ve also discussed ways to get your elderly loved one to drop the excuses and pick up an exercise routine. And, last week, we even expanded […]

No more excuses: Get your elderly loved one up and groovin’

Recently, we spoke on some of the dangers associated with obesity in the elderly, and even pointed out a few videos to get your senior-aged loved one back into activity with simple chair exercises. But this week we want to highlight the importance of exercise for all senior citizens, regardless of their weight. The numerous […]

Obesity in later life: What you need to know

If you’ve picked up a newspaper or turned on the news in the past few years, chances are you’ve heard about the obesity epidemic plaguing our country, crossing gender lines, age gaps, and socioeconomic barriers. Experts name larger portions, increased inactivity and the prevalence of technology as just a few of the contributors to the […]