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Affordable Care Act: What is it designed to do?

As we are aware, a major goal of the Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) signed into law on March 23, 2010, is to put consumers back in charge of their health care and to correct some of the egregious practices of insurance companies (i.e., terminating health plans of patients that are currently ill), especially [...]

Six Steps to Lower Cooling Bills

With hot summer weather just around the corner, now is the time to give your home a “check-up.”  Here are six tips from the Comfort Institute to make sure your air conditioning bills don’t blow your cool! 1.  Have your duct system tested for air leaks by an AC contractor and then seal them with [...]

Hit the road with the elderly loved one in your care: Tips for a stress free vacation

With summer about to go into full swing, you’re likely making plans for the annual family getaway, a time to pack up the kids, the car, and take a break from the daily routine. But if you’re planning on including your elderly loved one in your care as part of the trip, there are a [...]

Fresh Ideas for Spring Salads

With the arrival of spring, creative cooks look for seasonal vegetables to freshen up their daily menus. The produce aisle is stocked with the spring season’s best offerings. Artichokes, asparagus, snow peas and a variety of spring lettuce all serve as terrific ingredients for a deli cious salad. Add a serving of seafood, and transform [...]